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For the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office, these 

statements rest at the foundation of each day’s work. When a member of the 

community falls victim to a crime, the District Attorney’s Oice is there to evaluate 

what happened, charge those believed to be guilty, and prosecute them based on 

the seriousness of the ofense and in a manner consistent with Tennessee law.

Newly elected
oice staf are determined
“I think that our job as pros- 
District Attor- to carry through on her
ecutors is not just to pros- 

ney General vision of keeping those who ecute the crime once it’s been 

Charme Allen, choose to ofend away from committed,” says Allen. “I truly 
brings to her the innocent and working to believe that our job as pros- 

new role more stop others from making the ecutors is to also prevent as 
than 25 years irreversible decision to ofend many crimes from happening 

of experience in the irst place. Whether that as we can.”

as a prosecutor involves community outreach 
in the District eforts or putting those guilty With Allen at the helm, the 

of criminal acts behind bars, oice’s new community-wide 
Oice. With a “tough on the District Attorney’s Oice is collaboration between Knox 

crime, smart on preven- working each day to improve County citizens, law enforce- 
tion” philosophy leading her the safety and security of our ment, and public services

every move, Allen and the
is an efort to tackle the

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