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Building Business, 

Big and Small

Robertson Overbey has been a supporter

of the business community since our irm’s 

inception in 1982. We have served businesses from 

large to small, from the start-up to the corporation. 

But whatever the size, our commitment remains: 

We always work to help businesses grow.

It is our belief that business progress comes drawing up comprehensive contracts 

when companies function in the most eficient for employees and assisting them during 

manner possible. And part of that eficiency times of employment unrest. We have helped 

comes from having representation that serves these businesses remain compliant with 

all of a business’s legal needs, not just a few. government regulations and have helped 

At Robertson Overbey, our attorneys have the them navigate challenging situations like 
knowledge, expertise, and experience to help acquisitions and mergers, as well as 

your business reach new levels of growth by shareholder disputes. And when businesses 
sticking by your side through thick have needed to journey through state court or 

and thin.
federal court proceedings for whatever reason, 

Robertson Overbey has been there to walk 

Our attorneys have helped established them through the process as eficiently and 
companies with day-to-day procedures like
effectively as possible.

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