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Our irm currently serves as general 

counsel to various clients throughout 

the region including a continuing care 

retirement community, professional 
engineering irm, several nonproit 

corporations, and numerous 

business and corporate entities. As 

general counsel, our services are readily 

available to these clients on any issue 
presented, at any time. Because of the 

long-term practice and broad range
to conduct business using one consistent 

of experience our attorneys bring to and comprehensive legal team whose 

clients, we can offer them peace of mind qualiications and talents are as broad 
that we can handle any type of legal 
as the client’s business.
issue that arises. We keep our clients up 

to date on legislation that affects their We serve the region’s businesses in 

business. We assist with training their other capacities too, working with 
employees on legal related issues. We create business 
municipalities to 
review and update company policies and improvement districts 
to help 
procedures. We attend internal meetings support our business clients and draw 
and workshops. We negotiate deals and 
customers through their doors. And 
contracts for our clients, and pursue and 
when our business partners are ready 
defend litigation on their behalf.
to retire, sell their business, or write a 

will, our attorneys are there, providing 
Along with working with these 
the services they need. We form a 
established entities, Robertson
personal bond with our clients that 
Overbey has also been at the ground enables us to help with legal issues 
loor of start-up companies across 
beyond the boardroom. We help where 
Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, and 
needed, whether in the courtroom or 
Florida, in ields such as construction, in front of an administrative board or 

engineering, and environmental governmental entity. When requested, 

research. Because our attorneys are we have been available to provide 
licensed to practice law in several states 
services to corporate oficers and 
outside of Tennessee, we can assist with 
directors, as well as to employees 
business issues that stretch far beyond and family members
Tennessee’s borders. We can create

a company from the ground up, help 
Let us concentrate on your employ- 
with growth through the creation of 
ment and legal issues while you focus 
subsidiaries and afiliates, or accomplish on growing your business. Whether our 
mergers and dissolutions. Our vast 
attorneys are in the boardroom or in 
geographical practice allows our clients
the courtroom, Robertson Overbey is 

committed to building business in East 
Tennessee. It is our home. Give us a call 

today. We are ready, willing, and able to Telephone

assist you with your business and ser- (865) 522-2717
vice all of your legal needs.

(865) 522-7929

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703 Riverview Tower • 900 S. Gay Street • Knoxville, TN 37902-1823

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