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Supporting Community, 

Building Trust

Felicia F. Coalson— 
a welcome addition 

to our irm.

When Robertson Overbey was founded, it was 
background in

the practice of
important to its founders that the irm play a 
real estate, estate 
planning, and 

bankruptcy law. supporting role in the community outside of 
Previous Assistant 

City Attorney to the 
City of Memphis.
the courtroom. Since 1982, the attorneys and staff 

have been devoted neighbors to many causes and 

individuals throughout the Knoxville community.

he attorneys have presented programs attorneys have provided law enforcement, 

on the importance of having wills, ire ighters, and their spouses free estate 

powers of attorney, and medical care planning services, such as drafting wills, 

directives to various groups in the living wills, and powers of attorney, to 

community. Additionally, by participating help them rest at ease knowing their legal 

in such programs as Wills for Heroes, our
affairs are in order.


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