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Proof of Intelligent Life

You’re good at business. 

We’re good at IT.

IT 4 the Planet can help minimize risk by 

supporting your Information Technology 
needs. This will afford you the opportunity to 

focus on your core business. We help align 

IT with your business goals.

As your single point of contact for comprehensive 
IT solutions, we bring together a seasoned team 

of technology professionals with the best in 

products and services to provide an array of 

technology, business and industry solutions 
supporting your detailed requirements.

IT 4 the Planet supports over 250 clients.

Services provided include:

Desktop/Server configuration 
and support

» Data Security

» Network Configuration 

and Management

IT is a concern for » 
Off-site Data Storage/ 
many business owners.
Disaster Recovery

» Remote Monitoring & Maintenance 
IT 4 the Planet brings 
» Application/Web Development
it all together and

makes ITeasy.
» 24x7 Help Desk Support

» Cloud and Hosting Services

That’s what IT 4 the Planet is all about.
» Consulting and Professional Services 
bringing the best technology solutions into one 
convenient resource that makes life easier.
» Tablet and Smart Phone Support

» HIPAA Compliance

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