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Information Technology (IT) Solutions

We’ll handle your IT. 

You grow your business.

Kimball’s discovered the Gold Standard of IT Support

“It’s the High Tech that allows you to be High Touch, 

which is essential to our business”

Danny Overbey, CEO / Kimball’s Jewelers

Kimball’s Jewelers searches the planet for the Business intelligence provided the analytics to 
finest gems. When they searched the planet for IT plan for growth and improvement opportunities. 

infrastructure support services, they discovered the Growth requires an infrastructure, a foundation 

Gold Standard was right in their own backyard.
that supports companies like Kimball’s that are 

IT 4 the Planet. That’s where Kimball’s found the seeking to expand their business beyond its store 
resource for retail applications, information footprint, and at the same time, rely on data

technology, network integration, communications to help build customer relationships. Bringing 

support and managed services to improve business better technology to the jewelry business 
performance – immediately and significantly.
helped create the exceptional experience 

that defines Kimball’s.

Let us become your trusted business partner.

Proof of Intelligent Life

6700 Baum Drive, Suite 18, Knoxville, TN 37919 | 

Toll Free: 855-984-8487 | Fax: 865-240-2523

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