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moonshine still, but also to distill the liquor through the same intensive process. The result is a moonshine that narrates the traditions of East Tennessee. You can enjoy samples of their many varieties at their distillery in Gatlinburg. The tour of their distillery is worth a visitor’s time. What better place to learn the story of shine? They go into fascinating detail about why their moonshine tastes
so unique and outshines. With the delicious liquor, colorful history, and various flavor options, Sugarlands has become a staple of the East Tennessee experience.
If you ever though you needed a vacation from the wonderful world
of Disney, where would you stay?
Well, in the 1960s, if you asked the man himself, Walt Disney would tell you that he escaped to Buckhorn
Inn in Gatlinburg for month-at-a- stretch vacations. He loved his time
at this beautiful bed and breakfast so much that every year until his death
he sent a Christmas present to the owners of Buckhorn. This bed and breakfast has been keeping the art of slowing down and enjoying the beauty of the mountains alive since 1938. Shortly after Great Smoky Mountains National Park was established, Douglas and Audrey Bebb opened the inn
near Gatlinburg with the hope of capitalizing on new tourist business in East Tennessee. Today, over 75 years later, Buckhorn is run by John and
Lee Mellor, but the philosophy of the place still attracts the best of the best. Buckhorn’s tagline is “gem from the past in the heart of the Smokies,” and truer words cannot be said. Buckhorn sits on 30 acres of land with a beautiful view into the heart of the Smokies. Guests have been describing Buckhorn as peaceful and serene for as long as
it has been open. If you’re looking for
a true taste of the philosophy of East Tennessee and the Smokies, look no further than the natural wonder and beauty of Buckhorn Inn.
Highway 411 in Sevier County may not look much like a vacation destination, but it boasts one place you absolutely cannot pass up if you
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