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a significant rise in the use of
electronic cigarettes, also known
as e-cigarettes or “vapes,” but there are still many questions relating to what they are and what the difference in practical effect is between them and traditional cigarettes. Vaping shops have popped up all over the country, and Knoxville itself has seen many new businesses develop both in the city and surrounding areas. The influx of these shops causes us to wonder about the health advantages or disadvantages of electronic cigarettes, which are often advertised as smokeless and advantageous to those trying to quit smoking tobacco. The absence of smoke, or at least the re-naming of smoke to “vapor,” creates something of a gray area in terms of what the legal and social rules are for electronic cigarettes. Conversely, there are strict regulations on traditional cigarettes in regards to where and when you can smoke them. Regardless of the assertions of the vaping industry, the health benefits of vapor over tobacco are still murky
at best. Additionally, there have been alarming stories circulating in the news about exploding vapes, which gives rise
to questions regarding the fundamental safety of these devices. So, with a culture of vaping on the rise, what exactly is all
of this stuff, and what is the difference
for the consumer between lighting up a Marlboro and turning on an e-cig?
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