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Angelique Medow
Dr. Susan Fidler
Susan J Fidler trained at the College of Phytotherapy in the UK, where herbal medicine plays a vital and recognized role in the healthcare system. She has a Doctorate in Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Medicine. She is also a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. She
has completed specialist courses in care for cancer patients, detoxi cation, Brain Chemistry, Functional Endocrinology, and Brain and Neurotransmitter function, and has a doctorate in Naturopathy.
Patti Bottari
Patty Bottari is the Director of Relations at Well Being Retreat Center. She has previously worked directly with Byron Katie and Adyashanti, both internationally known, non-dual teachers. She also worked with fertility support groups as a Registered Nurse at Stanford University.
Angelique designed this event as a lead-in to Mother's Day and an opportunity to grow in unconditional, mother-like love for ourselves. Her career in public speaking and coaching inspires people to kick harmful habits
and addictions. She is also a nearly 20-
year veteran in home design and hosting television shows on HGTV.
Don Oakley
Don Oakley is the Founding Director and onsite Manager of the Well Being Retreat Center. Don has presented lectures on the environmental issues of honeybees at Roane State Community College, Bee Friends of Claiborne County and for an Environmental Science class at Lincoln Memorial University.
Lisa Gontarski
For over a decade, Lisa Gontarski's gentle, relaxing and restorative energy work has assisted clients to clear past traumas and create willingness to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Her work with people and animals is transformative and optimizes health and well-
8:30 Breakfast 2:20
9:45 Speaker: Patty Bottari — “Refocus Your Story” and see your life in a whole new light!
11:00 Speaker: Angelique Medow — “Be Your Own Best Mother” and learn to open, receive & nurture you!
Break on your own or Meditation with Patty, your choice
Speaker: Dr. Susan Fidler — “Natural Remedies for Stress, Sleep & Energy” to help heal you and your family!
Speaker: Lisa Gontarski — “Connect and heal with Mother Nature.”
Take sack snack for your ride home, pack up & drive happy!
4:15 12:00 Lunch 5:40
1:15 Speaker: Don Oakley — “Queen Be.”
Visit a real hive and learn about “bee-ing” The Queen!

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