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Fashion designer Kenzo– Takada once said, “Fashion is like eating, you don’t want to stick with the same menu.” Such a point of view is
certainly apropos of dining out these days, when there is hardly a dress code, it seems, much less a fixed menu of fashion for fine dining.
There was a time when, in certain establishments, if a man didn’t show up in a coat and tie, he would find himself wearing a royal blue or gold jacket of indeterminate vintage from the restaurant’s foyer closet: a sport coat of shame. To show up in jeans was unheard of. Those days have long passed us by—one can see a wide range of fashion on display in Knoxville’s best restaurants. But even in our increasingly casual age, one can still “dress for dinner.”
With variety in mind and the elegance of fine dining setting our boundaries, we decided to explore the possibilities at Bearden eatery Bistro by the Tracks, which graciously hosted our food fashion shoot. Cityview publisher Nathan Sparks and willpower guru Angelique Medow agreed to model the latest fashions from some of our favorite area shops.
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