Page 138 - Cityview May-June 2017
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MAY  JUNE 2017
op Chefs is notable for the spirit of bonhomie that exists amongst the chef teams, even as they are in competition. It’s clear that this is a supportive group. To a person, when we talked to the chefs afterward, they made clear that while as individuals they may or may not gravitate toward competition, they’re all stoked about winning
over the crowd and working alongside others in the industry in our tight-knit city. It’s notable how many of them have worked for and with each other in the past.
As one of the chefs said
after the competition, “It’s a really cool thing to look across the way and see that it’s your competitor in the city, and then walk over and shake their hands and have a drink with them afterwards. That’s probably
the most exciting part to me.”

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