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Have a Huge Impact on Your Clients and Create a Huge Opportunity for You.
The IRS recently proposed regulations that will effectively eliminate several commonly used valuation discount strategies. If the IRS's current timetable holds, your clients may lose the ability to take
Tennessee is One of the Top States for Asset Protection Trusts!!
advantage of certain valuation discounts as early as January 1, 2017. For your clients who have an estate large enough to be subject to the estate
When you go out into the cold, cruel world, why wouldn’t you lock up your assets? You can unlock your
tax, this new regulation will have a massive impact.
house, or your assets, on an as-needed basis. Most people, including professional advisors, don’t know that Tennessee enacted a top-rated Asset Protection Trust called the Tennessee Investment Services Act. It has
You and I have a narrow window to implement strategies that
since been amended to make it even better.
utilize valuation discounts for your clients. Working together, we can deepen your relationship with your clients and provide measurable value
to them. Why was it passed? Supposedly banks were losing millions of dollars to banks in Nevada and Alaska due to
similar statutes passed in those states. In my opinion, this is the hottest, most advantageous legislation for
• Do you have a business or income stream?
the regular Tennessee citizen that has been passed, maybe ever!
With These Regulations Looming, What Should You Do Now? First, contact us and we will send you a complete brieng called, The EndofVaYlouuamtioanytDhisnckotuhnistsisisgCreoamtbinugt.oLnleygfaolrestheeawsiedael,thyoy.u'lllearnthe backgrouNnodtcson! text of valuation discounts as well as the IRS's new regulatory• sDcoheymoueotwhnataehffoeucsteiv? eRleynetalilmpirnopaetertsiems?any of our most powerful estate tax•pDlaonynoinugdrsitvreaatecgaire?s.Do your children drive?
• Do you have investments other than 401k’s, IRA’s, etc.?
Second, call me as soon as possible. I'd like to discuss with you the type of clients that are the best t for this
planning. In general, most people of signicant wealth, such as those with taxable estates (over $5.45 million), near taxable estates (as low as $2 million, depending on the client's age), signicant real estate holdings, or closely held
Do you have anything that if you lost it, you
businesses, can receive overall benet from a valuation discount based strategy, but it's important to make sure that
would cry, “Ouch!” or something worse?
any planning we do is a good overall t. That's why we need to talk, and why I need to work directly with you and
This is your chance to avoid life-altering pain!
your clients at implementing a plan. This is the door-opener you have needed to reconnect with your wealthy clients and prospects.
This is not a wild scheme thought up by your CPA/Attorney – this is a law. This law
While the August 4, 2016 IRS Notice is the big motivator here, we're also paying closer attention to what
was voted third best in the nation!
would happen if Hillary Clinton is elected and follows through on the promise to reduce the Estate Tax exemption to $3.5 Million. This is not nearly as unthinkable as we thought a few months ago.
Contact my o ce for a free brochure and to  nd out when my next free seminar is to be given.
Delay plays right into the IRS's hands. January 1, 2017, may seem like a long way off, but it is only a few
months away. The clock is ticking. Of course, there is a chance that the proposed regulations may not become nal
immediately since the IRS will hold a public hearing and there's at least a 30 day window after that hearing. But, is
delay worth the risk? My answer is “no.” Implementing a plan now using current law governing valuation
discounts and using the current $5.45M exemption is the best option for your clients.
Philip J. Bryce, P.C.
We are available to assist your clients with the immediate implementation of wealth transfer plans using
Remember, God gave you assets as a blessing, don’t lose
current law. If you have clients or prospective clients that are motivated to move forward now, please call now to
them to Satan’s minions, who also may be attorneys!
discuss the steps you need to take to protect your client's wealth. Sincerely,
Philip J. Bryce, P.C
212 South Peters Road Knoxville, TN 37923 865-690-5566
Phil Bryce
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