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With so many options available
to Sevier County visitors, Cityview points out a few treasures, old and new, that you won’t want to miss.
The Great Smoky Mountains are not exactly a secret part of America’s natural beauty. They boast the nation’s most-visited
national park, which continues to attract an increasing number of visitors each year. It isn’t hard to see why young and old alike fall in love with not just the mountains themselves, but with the culture of East Tennessee and what it has to offer.
I am so fortunate to have grown up with Sevier County and The Great Smoky Mountains in my backyard. As a child, I was thrilled whenever my parents told me we were going to the Smokies because it was a destination without an itinerary. In Sevier County, you aren’t limited to the boundaries of one theme park or resort destination— you are in the driver’s seat for a day
or weeks’ long vacation of endless possibility.
While visitors to Sevier County every year may dream of destinations that include visiting Dollywood, camping in Cades Cove, or climbing Mt. LeConte,
it would take a person a lifetime to know all its other riches. Take it from someone who has spent over two decades exploring Sevier County and these Great Smoky Mountains: the best option may not be the first you see advertised on a billboard, but it might be just around the corner. Allow Cityview to take you on a journey into Sevier County and the Great Smoky Mountains to discover some of its treasures hidden in plain sight.
Pigeon Forge is Nirvana for go-kart enthusiasts. In fact, there are so many different options it could be difficult narrowing the choice down to one.
But we have a favorite. The Track in Pigeon Forge offers multiple tracks and enough other activities to last hours. The Wild Woody is one of their claims to fame. This classic wooden track is a fun series of spirals, underpasses, and bridges that can bewilder a driver the first time around, but by the time you finish your first turn around the track, you’ll know your way and feel ready
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