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ALARGE PART OF EAST TENNESSEE culture can be attributed
to the beauty and intrigue of the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park. No matter how much time one has spent taking in
the mountain air and colorful vistas, there are always more destinations
to explore. Highways and interstates will often point you in the direction
of a tried and true route that is heavily populated and prone to cause traffic
jams. However, some of the best roads in the Smoky Mountains are the ones
less traveled. Cityview has compiled some of our favorite back roads to share
with you. Some of our choices may cut traffic time in the more populated areas, but others allow time to slow down so you can truly appreciate all that our Great Smoky Mountains have to offer. Whether you are an East Tennessee local or find yourself visiting, take a moment or two to explore our back roads.
Lamar Alexander Parkway is one of the best routes into the Great Smoky Mountains,
and while it may not be a “back road,” as you get close to the park you will begin to see the
curls of bluish mist that give the legendary Smokies their name. One of the area’s most charming
local entertainments can be found along the way. Parkway Drive-In is one of the few surviving
drive-in theaters in this neck of the woods. During the warmer months of the year, they show two
or three movies every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first film always starts at dusk and tends to be family-friendly, while the film, or films, that follow are meant for a more mature audience. At the drive-
in, you can set up a comfy seat in the bed of a truck or bring along camping chairs to sit in, tune your radio to the station Parkway provides, and enjoy two or more movies. To find out more information about pricing, featured films, and accommodations, visit
Story by Hannah Overton Photography by Trent Eades and Keith Norris

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