Page 126 - Cityview Magazine - July/August 2017
P. 126

Hallerin Hilton Hill: When did you first hear yourself sing and say, “This feels
like me”?
Chris Blue: This all started back in Florida. My mom would bring the brothers together and sing and go to churches. I was four years old, and we had our very first concert, and I remember watching The Canton Spirituals on television and wanting to be like them. I was on stage singing one of the songs, and I heard myself sing it. I was like, “Oh my god this feels good. I feel like I could do this forever and be good at it.” That’s the first moment, at age four, that I realized that I wanted to sing forever.
H: What was the song?
B: The song was “I Come from a Poor Family,” but it’s a lingo—so it’s po’ instead of poor: I come from a po’ family.
H: So, at four, were you poor?
B: At four years old, we were extremely poor.
H: But you probably didn’t know you
were poor?
B: No, I knew. Even at four years old I knew because all of my friends around me had things that I never had. So, maybe the term wasn’t “poor” that I recognized, but I just knew something was different between my family and my friends’ families.
They had things that we could only imagine having.
H: So, you start singing with your brothers. At four were you the lead singer of the
Blue Brothers?
B: Yes. At four years old, I became the lead singer of the Blue Brothers. We would travel everywhere, and I’d be
the front man.
H: You did that for years, though. Did you ever have any frustration? Because as you start to sing, you start to get attention.
B: Absolutely. You know, I always had a dream to be a gospel recording artist and travel the world singing as a quartet lead singer. The more we sang, the more at- tention we received. I thought that would eventually translate into a record deal or

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