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Exploding Sunroof
Subrina Seeraina vs Nissan North America, Inc. and Nissan Motor Co., LTD
On October 3, 2016, Greg Coleman filed a class action complaint demand for a jury trial on behalf of thousands of members of a putative class of Nissan vehicle owners with Panoramic Sunroofs. More than sixty Nissan drivers have complained that their panoramic sunroofs shattered suddenly and without warning. The shattering is so powerful that some drivers have compared the sound to a gunshot, followed by shards of glass hitting occupants. Findings show that Nissan has refused to warn drivers of the danger and continues to sell and lease vehicles without disclosing the defect, violating federal and New York State consumer protection and warranty laws. Models that are the subject of this case are 2008-present Rogue, Maxima, Sentra, Pathfinder, and Altima; 2009-present Murano; and 2001-present Juke models with factory-installed panoramic sunroofs.
Panoramic sunroofs present manufacturing, design, and safety challenges for
manufacturers because the large
plates of glass take up much of
Defective Pressure Cooker
Kenneth Chapman, Jessica Vennel, and Jason Jackson vs Tristar Products, Inc.
On May 10, 2016, Greg Coleman filed a class action on behalf of three consumers and others like them who have suffered injuries due to a defective high-powered
pressure cooker called “Power Pressure
Cooker XL” designed, manufactured
and sold by Tristar. According to the
owner’s manual, the lid “should only
come off if there is no pressure inside.”
When the defect manifests itself,
however, the built-up pressure and
steam trapped inside causes scalding hot contents to burst and erupt when the lid is opened, resulting in significant and painful injury to the consumers. This defect includes a defective pressure release valve, which inaccurately indicates that the built-up pressure has escaped, and a faulty gasket that allows the lid to open despite the presence of extreme pressure.
Findings show that Tristar failed to warn consumers of the serious safety risk posed by the defect and recall the pressure cooker. Kenneth Chapman suffered second-degree and third- degree burns to his face, neck, chest, and arms, and his wife also suffered burns on her arms. Jessica Vennel suffered second- degree burns to her body and first-degree burns to her left hand and lip. Scalding hot soup erupted out of the pressure cooker, spraying all over Jason Jackson and resulting in significant burns to his face and body.
Plaintiffs and all Class members are seeking the requirement of Tristar to issue corrective actions, including notification, recall, inspection, repair, replacement, and the immediate discontinuation of the manufacture of the pressure cooker. The class action also seeks damages and attorneys’ fees.
the surface area of the vehicle’s
roof. Compounding the problem,
Nissan has chosen to use thinner
glass, which is more difficult
to temper, and a ceramic paint
Ceramic enamels weaken the structural strength and integrity of the Class Vehicles’ tempered panoramic sunroof glazing.
The class action seeks legal and equitable relief against Nissan, including damages, consequential damages, specific performance, attorney fees, costs of suit, and such further relief as the Court may deem proper.
applied prior to tempering.
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