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Moe Alasry’s Yemen roots, mixed with the southern style cooking
of chef Bruce Bogartz, makes for a combination of tastes you have never seen before and can’t get anywhere else. Mixing southern bar-b-q, Yemeni  avors, and fresh seafood is what makes this a restaurant a stop that you do not want to miss.
Hand Smoked M.O.A.B.
(Mother of All Bologna) Jambalaya Shrimp Poe Boy Moedog and Side
Shrimp and Grits BBQ Ribs
Phillymoe and Side Moeburger and Side
Smoked Eggplant BBQ Sampler Seafood Étou ée Gyrmoe and Side
Moe Alasry & Chef Bruce Bogartz
Starting in July, dinner will be available daily featuring duck 2 ways, mountain trout, crispy quail, local produce, and Bruce’s homemade desserts
401 S. Northshore Drive Knoxville, TN 37919

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