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My father, Richard Sparks, (le ) and his best friend Bill Opengary canoeing on the New River during one of our many  oat  shing trips.
That was the tone of my entire life experience with my dad. He gave his very best in every moment to everyone he met, willing to give or share anything he had to anyone he knew who was in need or simply if they asked.
impresses us about Hallerin in this story is that he saw it as his responsibility to share the abundance of his own success to help someone else on the road to their own.
Chef Bruce Bogartz has had a rich and varied experience within Knoxville’s culinary community. He has owned and operated several restaurants and has been head chef at a few others. Life is not always kind, and those ventures didn’t always work out. What I admire about Bruce is his willingness to take charge of his life. That is the very essence of tenacity. I’m really proud of the Bruce I know today. He’s started
eating better, has lost considerable weight, and continues humbly to create fine Southern food. He has landed at, of all places, Moe’s Market on Northshore Drive. You might not think of fine dining at a gas station, but think again. Pairing up with gifted Yemini cook and owner Moe Alasry, together they provide the very definition of excellence: their place is where the locals go. Make no mistake, our Cityview staff eats there all the time—come join us! It’s always a delight to get to experience his colorful culinary creations. I’m proud of the Bruce that is once again on the path to success.
These are just a few of the people I have had the pleasure to meet or visit with recently, who remind me how to follow through with life’s responsibilities. I truly admire these qualities in others. Their deep inner strength, absolute faith, and indefatigable resolve is evidence of their true willpower.
I believe that intuition informs us of the correct path we should follow in life. We must be responsible in our choices to honor intuition and act with faith. And we must be tenacious in the pursuit of our goals. Lack of time is never an excuse. We can only fail by attempting to manage time, which will tick forward regardless of our human endeavors. Rather, when we manage life, it offers us rich rewards as we grow accustomed to wearing the mantle of responsibility.

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