Page 57 - Cityview Magazine - July/August 2017
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Looking Within
junkies, the saying “look within” is as common as “yoga” and “meditation.” But how can we start looking for something we’ve never seen? In today’s article, we’ll explore the five personal gates we can open in order to clearly look and learn about ourselves, then share tips on easy ways to introspection.
To Look Is to Learn
In working with people to increase their willpower and overcome addictions, I’ve walked with people through their scariest, and darkest”places within. In doing so, much learning has been done about why people behave the way they do. Even
the oddest behaviors are actually quite premeditated (although often we are not consciously aware of this.) Once we know
“why” we do as we do, we can do something about it and change if we choose. This is a very empowering possibility.
Two Necessities
Before we begin our look within, there are two things we need. First, we must be free of drink, drugs, and distraction. Possibly easier said than done. Unless led by a spiritual healer, and we are one of the few people who would take a medicinal herb with the pure intent to learn, there is no other way to look within but to be clean. Why? Because all that other nonsense dulls

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