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Gainesborough that he dry cures in house. All this elevates his four-meat Charcuterie Board ($16) to a rare status, including lomo ham, copa, and a memorable foie gras au torchon. In a classic French technique, the duck liver is cleaned of veins and cured with sea salt, four-spice, and bourbon (for RT it’s Four Roses). The pate is run through cheesecloth to make it smooth and not crumbly, encased
for three days in a towel (that’s
the torchon), then gently poached and chilled again. At RT Lodge, it’s delicate, smooth, and creamy.
The main courses show what Stockton means by simple dishes
with a lot going into them. The Anson Mills Farro ($20) is combined with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms and ramps. The Grilled Hanger Steak
($25) is set off by potato puree, broccoli, parmesan, and crispy farro. The Ashley Farms Chicken ($21) comes on Carolina Gold Risotto and mushrooms. A specialty of the house is Rib-Eye Steak for Two ($70), a 24 oz., 45-day wet-aged prime rib, roasted in cast iron and served with lodge steak sauce and béarnaise, and skillet fried potatoes with ramps and carrots.
With small plates between $8 and $16 and main courses averaging $25, RT Lodge is an excellent value for fine dining. Make sure to call for reservations. 981-9800.
Brooks Clark, a writer for numerous national and regional magazines, is Cityview’s food critic. He is currently writing a soon-to-be-published biography of Sally L. Smith.
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