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Professor Tommy Sangchompuphen participates in a study group session.
Bar Preparation and Employment
Every law student knows that one glaring obstacle lies in wait before they enter the practice of law: the bar exam. In Tennessee, the bar exam is a two-day test, with a day of writing and a day of multiple choice questions. Around one- third of students fail this exam every year. LMU Law understands this reality. In fact, we were made aware of how many days that there were until the bar exam during our first-year orientation.
LMU Law strikes a delicate balance between preparing students for the bar and preparing students to practice law. In our doctrinal courses, each lesson,
each class, and each exam prepares us in some way for the bar exam. Once students enter their last year, the level of preparation is raised, with bar exam specific courses based on statistical analysis that maximizes success. Finally, the school provides a nationally recognized bar-prep course (BARBRI) to all graduating students.
This dedication to success has produced results. In 2016, students taking the bar exam for the first time had an 87.5% pass rate. Graduates
have far exceeded the American Bar Association’s 75% mark. Recently, National Jurist Magazine named LMU Law the best school in the nation for bar
exam preparation by comparing LSAT scores to bar pass rates.
Once the bar exam is over, finding a job in the current legal market can pres- ent quite a challenge to new graduates. The school succeeds by placing students where there is need. With the school focused on helping underserved com- munities, our graduates find themselves not only employed, but in demand.
The career services team constantly networks throughout the region and works to place students where they will succeed. In 2015, we ranked 5th in the Southeast (52 schools) in overall employment and 15th nationally in overall employment percentage.

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