Page 92 - Cityview Magazine - July/August 2017
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Quiet and comfortable study areas are abundant around LMU's campus.
A shining example of how this law school encourages community involve- ment, graduate Rebecca Lee works for the 4th District Public Defender’s Office. Rebecca entered law school certain to begin a career in employment law. Soon, she discovered her true passion: protect- ing the rights of the criminally accused who cannot afford an attorney. Zeal- ously advocating for her clients, Rebecca is on the front line of equal justice. She credits LMU Law with steering her toward this path. Along with her crimi- nal defense work, Rebecca now serves on the Board of Directors for Renovatus Recovery Community and is a member of the Drug Recovery Court.
Like Rebecca, graduate Michael Parker is committed to helping the disadvan- taged. Entering law school, Michael wanted to work in real estate. But Michael’s vision for his career quickly changed. One year into his legal educa- tion, Michael knew that he wanted to help the people who needed it most and took an unpaid internship in a rural juvenile court. Michael then realized where his career would lead. Now Michael works for the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands. Legal Aid is Tennessee’s largest non-profit law firm, covering 48 counties. Through his non-profit work, Michael provides a wide array of legal services to Tennessee’s poor.
The law school experience changes those students fortunate enough to have been through it. While every student ultimately chooses their
own path, LMU Law encourages students to become involved in public service. Lawyers are often viewed as
a perfidious group, focused on money and prestige. Many of our graduates have chosen a different path. A passion for helping others, especially those who cannot afford legal services, is a common thread among a great many
of our alumni. Our graduates are taking this vision back into their own communities, changing Tennessee and the surrounding region for the better.

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