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Practice-Ready Lawyers
A legal education must prepare
students to practice law. First, our core courses incorporate practice-ready lessons. Drafting a lease, writing a
legal memorandum, or constructing a complaint are just a few examples of how LMU Law professors use basic legal skills to teach core material. In more advanced courses, professors
give students an opportunity to use their knowledge and skills in practical learning environments. Whether drafting and arguing motions in Federal Court, conducting a trial, or proposing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan, LMU Law facilitates students’ professional growth, honing those skills that make them practice ready.
LMU Law also directs students to internships where they can develop the basic skills necessary to practice law. To expose them to the legal profession, students are placed with district attorneys, public defenders, appellate courts, and small firms. They routinely develop relationships at these placements, which can aid in full-time employment in the future.
Recently, the school announced
a long-term partnership with Legal
Aid of East Tennessee (LAET). LMU Law’s partnership with LAET furthers two objectives: giving students more opportunities to become practice ready and serving those in our community who need it most. Legal Aid, which serves 26 East Tennessee counties, now occupies
a portion of the old Knoxville City Hall property. Legal Aid provides access to legal representation to thousands of East Tennessee residents who cannot afford it. LMU Law and its current and former students believe in this mission.
To many students, law school is
just a means to an end. LMU Law was something more. Of course, we were taught the law—you can count on that. More importantly, LMU Law stayed true to its mission and encouraged us
to use everything that we have learned to improve the lives of others. We believe that having a positive effect
on our future clients, community, and the region will define our professional success. It was Lincoln’s vision, and now we have made it our own.
Mock courtrooms are an important part of LMU's preparation process.

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