Page 96 - Cityview Magazine - July/August 2017
P. 96

From Left to Right:
William Gill, Melanie Reid, Akram Faizer, Emily Persinger, Evan Wright, and Randy Mathews
Every LMU Law student enjoys a wealth of faculty and administrative staff that are devoted to providing a quality legal education. We want to highlight just a few of the people contributing to this school’s success.
In 2014, we were introduced to Professor Akram Faizer in his property law course. Faizer takes students’ critical thinking and adds a human element to it. No matter what course he teaches, Faizer reminds students that laws, courts, and all levels of government affect people. Students learn to understand new perspectives by standing in the shoes of those affected by the law, a most important lesson for aspiring lawyers.
Our second year of law school introduced us to a former United States Prosecutor, Professor Melanie Reid, who has an unsurpassed passion for teaching criminal law. She reminded
us every week of the imperfections in
the American criminal justice system. She was recently awarded a Fulbright Scholarship for her leadership in the area of criminal law, which will allow her to teach students in Latvia in the Spring of 2018.
Perhaps the heart and soul of LMU Law is Associate Dean of Admissions Randy Mathews. With a smile for everyone, Randy (because he refuses
to be called anything else) defines the work-ethic that LMU Law shows the student body. If you need something, Randy gets it; if you need to talk, Randy listens; if you have a question, Randy has your answer. He embodies this school’s commitment to its students.
Professor William Gill teaches legal writing and oversees the Academic Success Program. In addition to teaching, Gill also leads by example, serving his community through
pro bono work. Fluent in Spanish,
Gill formerly taught English at the University of Guanajuato in Guanajuato,
Mexico. Now, he volunteers with the Catholic Charites of East Tennessee’s Office of Immigrant Services.
When Lincoln envisioned educating the people of Appalachia, a teacher like Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Matt Lyon may have come
to mind. Had Lincoln sat through one of LMU Law’s Contracts courses, he would be pleased with what he saw. Like many LMU Law professors, Lyon has a passion for seeing students learn that is evident in every single class. Now, he oversees the entire academic program at LMU Law, ensuring that every course helps students succeed on the bar and in practice.

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