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Dr. Meredith Overholt & Dr. Kimberly Grande | The Skin Wellness Center

The Skin Wellness Center’s mission is to offer Knoxville the very best in total skin care, specializing in both traditional dermatology and innovative cosmetic procedures.

Founded in 2001 by dermatologists Meredith Overholt, MD, and Kimberly Grande, MD, the center focuses on preventive screening and care, as well as treating all types of skin conditions and diseases—from acne to cancer—using the latest medical advances. The physicians treat adults, teens, children, and infants, with an expertise in the conditions that are common to each group.

Because they’re committed to making a client’s skin look and feel its best, Drs. Overholt and Grande complement their dermatology practice with a full suite of cosmetic treatments, all administered by a caring staff of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and aestheticians. After an initial consultation about your skin type and potential issues, they’ll develop an individualized skin care plan just for you.

What are some advancements in the treatment of skin cancer?

We are very excited to offer a non-surgical treatment for skin cancer called SRT, or Superficial Radiation Therapy. SRT allows us to treat with fractions of radiation smaller than a dental x-ray. While this is not a one-time visit treatment, there are distinct advantages. There are no needles and no post treatment pain—certainly no need for opioids. There is also no bleeding risk, so no need to stop blood thinners. Infection risk is also low, especially helpful as post-surgical infections are on the rise. And while most skin cancers can be surgically removed with acceptable scarring, others are more difficult and SRT has the advantage.

Any new developments in the area of cosmetic surgery?

We’re also quite thrilled with the results we’re seeing with Profound RF, a radio frequency device that is applied to the skin’s surface. It lifts the cheeks to minimize the jowls, “turkey neck”, and parentheses around the mouth. Results expected are about 1/3 of what you would expect with a facelift without surgery, scars, and general anesthesia with one in-office treatment. A real technology advance in facial rejuvenation!

How are you accommodating patients during the pandemic?

Patients who are uncomfortable coming into the office are offered a telehealth visit. However, there are some appointment types that require an office visit. We’re offering curbside check in if that is what the patient prefers, and all patients are screened upon arrival. Everyone’s temperature is taken before entering, including employees. We also maintain social distancing in the office by minimizing the number of adults in an exam room at one time.

What can we do to maintain healthy skin?

For starters, make sunscreen SPF 30 or higher a daily habit and when outdoors, try to find shade between 10 and 2. Stay hydrated. We recommend annual full body exams, along with medical grade sunscreens, which work better than the over-the-counter products. Products containing growth factors such as Neocutis Lumiere are very popular and effective for improving the appearance of fine lines on the face and around the eyes, and our new Skin Better Intensive AlphaRet Overnight Cream is an amazing, cutting edge, anti-age corrective cream that works wonders on the skin.

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