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Kids in the Community

Three Local Charities Support Knoxville Youth Story by Valerie Lick | Photography by Hobe Brunson Whether you’re a parent or not, whether you’ve got an empty nest or a full house, whether you work with children or just

Tons of Fun!

Today's playgrounds are designed to captivate the minds of our youth. Whether it’s the mulch-scented schoolyard or the colorful metal masterpieces of today, playgrounds are a timeless option for an afternoon of family fun. Restless kids

Crispy Comfort

Nothing will warm you up quite like a platter of golden, crispy fried chicken and its best friend, beer. No wonder restaurants specialize in fried chicken across America! Fried chicken is traditionally a lunch option, but this is one

Decades of Dance

The Appalachian Ballet Company Celebrates 50 Years Story by: Valerie Lick Whether it’s the dead of winter or the middle of a lazy summer, over 90 dancers of the Appalachian Ballet Company are hard at work. Take Kylie Berry,

Best of the Best 2018

What’s in Knoxville? 200,000 people. Thousands of businesses. Countless perspectives. One Sunsphere. One thriving city. Knoxville is over 200 years old, and it’s still growing. It’s a place where new restaurants, artists,…

Christmas Spirits

Eggnog again? It’s a holiday classic for a reason, but the holiday season gives us wonderful occasions to get creative with your spirits. It’s time for your beverages to meet the spirit of the season. With cocktails that play with seasonal…

Relax and Enjoy the Season

Suddenly, it’s November! The holidays are almost here. For many people, that means lists upon lists of things to buy, rooms to decorate, and events to plan. There’s a reason that the American Psychological Association has a “Holiday Stress…