Raising the Bar in Pharmacy

Just imagine a pharmacy unlike any you have ever experienced, fundamentally transforming your pharmacy experience, where conditions are not merely remedied but prevented. This is the mission of believeRX. “I have always wanted a pharmacy that provided patients the desire to drive by other pharmacies to come to us because of the level of service we will give is untouchable,” says Ellen Phillips, owner of believeRX.

Ellen graduated from The University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy in 1998 with a PharmD degree. Since then, Ellen has numerous years of retail and hospital pharmacy management experience including clinical experience. Throughout her career, she envisioned her pharmacy to be unlike any other. “We will treat everyone like family,” Ellen says. Ellen’s top priority is customer service, taking the time to be sure patients are educated on their prescription, and break away from the “staleness” of a retail/big box pharmacy.

In addition, her staff will be advocates for the patients. There are countless times in her career that patients didn’t understand why their insurance didn’t cover their medication or even the next step getting a medication they desperately needed. The advocate’s job is to handle that stress and guide them to the answers. So, when Ellen decided to move forward to make her dream a reality in Knoxville, her mission was to create a three-in-one business: full service retail pharmacy, specialty pharmacy, and pro-active health over the counter component.

Ellen has met so many great people throughout her career as a pharmacist. Each one is like family to her and an honor to serve them. What can believeRX’s pharmacy patients expect? The Knoxville community will get a pharmacy that provides manufacturer coupons when they get a specific brand name drug. They will have a pharmacy that delivers after hours once they become an established patient, because being their pharmacy means that much to them. “They will have a pharmacy that is on their side. We  are not your regular pharmacy! You’ll have to experience it to “believe” it!”

Another piece of believeRX is the specialty pharmacy component. A specialty pharmacy takes care of some of the sickest patients. Ellen decided they wanted to be an instrumental part of these patients’ lives. She plans on having their medication personally delivered and to counsel them in their home. There will be an on-call pharmacist for these patients and the advocates will find ways for the patients to get their medication if insurance doesn’t cover the cost. For some patients, a specialty medication could add time to their life. believeRX truly believes these patients deserve individualized special care and should never have to rely on the postal service or denied their medication.

In addition, believeRX will have a pro-active health over-the-counter section. Ellen spent years preparing this for patients. They will have only the best products that have been researched from top companies. The staff will be trained as personal health coaches. The U.S. has a 71 percent overweight population and believeRX has a mission to reduce this. BelieveRX guarantees that they are in it to win it. What is it that they want to win? They want to influence patients to choose the best version of themselves! “We will be beside them every step of the way because that’s who we are!” 

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