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Better Together

When two friends come together with one common goal, both doing something they love and excel at, the outcome should always be better than if each had done it alone. Rachael Wedekind and Richard A. Smith are the consummate example of this theory played out. Each became a real estate professional without a thought of partnering with someone else, but after a time of admiring each other’s skills, a chance conversation led to their decision to form a unique collaboration. 

Richard A. Smith and Rachael Wedekind

These two whizzbangs have a great deal in common. Each is an accomplished REALTOR and champion for living life in their hometown of Knoxville. Both are graduates of UTK with backgrounds in marketing and sales. Between them they have generations of personal and professional connections, providing opportunities to use their expertise in all markets – from starter homes to multi-million-dollar luxury homes. Richard began his real estate career over four decades ago and has been the Principal Broker and President of  Dean-Smith Realty since its inception. Since becoming the  Knoxville affiliate of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices,  he has been among the top selling 1% of agents nationally. “Richard’s experience, ethics and professionalism,” says Rachael, “are just a few of the attributes that set him apart from the rest. His knowledge and integrity are what attracted me to his company and eventually to our partnership. I’ve found him to be a thoughtful, patient teacher and great encourager; all of our Dean Smith Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agents benefit greatly from his wealth of knowledge.” 

“Mentoring new agents and steering them towards becoming informed professionals and reliable advisors for their clients gives me great satisfaction,” says Richard. “Rachael’s background, work experience and inherent nature have allowed her to excel in this business in a remarkably short period of time and in less than three years, she has placed among the top 7% of agents across the country. Rachael is smart, sophisticated, and focused. Her energy is boundless and she’s a marvel at communications and marketing. I believe that our partnership will provide a distinct advantage for our clients.” 

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