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Mar/Apr 2020

2020 Top Docs

Many of us would agree that our health is our most valuable asset. As such, we go to great lengths to make sure we safeguard it. We take vitamins and supplements, attempt to eat healthier, exercise, try to get the right amount of sleep,

Incredible Appalachia

Travel Through Time at the Museum of Appalachia John Rice Irwin founded his vision in 1969—a museum sought to ensure that Appalachian history would survive forever. Over the years, the museum continued to see more and more visitors,

What Women Want

Dear Knoxonomist: How do I discover my true purpose? My wife’s therapist(s) have assured her that once I do, she will have the perfect husband. I’m trying to figure out what she really wants? —Ivan Dear Ivan— The Knoxonomist wonders who

Ride Responsibly

It’s about this time of year with spring right around the corner that I am reminded of the importance of motorcycle safety. In my years of practice, I have represented many injured motorcycle riders and all of those cases have a