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Sep/Oct 2020

Lamar Alexander

Senator looks back at career as he prepares to exit the stage In 1978, Lamar Alexander started walking across the state toward the Tennessee governor’s office. In 2020, he will walk out of the U.S. Capitol, retiring from the U.S.

Bright Idea

Feinbaum family relishes light, open spaces in new Sequoyah Hills home “Our new house is our forever home. It will take a nuclear bomb to get me out of here,” says Sequoyah Hills homeowner Melissa Feinbaum. Melissa and Ron

Prison Break

Marc Anthony breaks in to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary to uncover the myths and legends Prison as a tourist attraction. Sounds fun. Most visitors to Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary have probably never spent a night in

Learning Leadership

Marine Corps training stays with Y-12’s chief of protective forces Christopher Seals has never quite gotten the sound of John Wayne’s voice out of his head. The iconic actor made such an impression on the 18-year-old Hawkins County

Do It For the Chicks

Rowing is a non-impact sport that you can enjoy your whole life Several years ago, I had the opportunity to row a “double” with Olympic silver medalist Tom Kiefer. I was relatively new to the sport; needless to say, I was intimidated

RJ Young

Technology Solutionsfor a Fast-Changing World The world has seen a great many earth-shattering changes over the last six months, changes that have forced companies to transform many of their operational processes. Safety and