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Jul/Aug 2021

Artisan Jewelers

Inspiration shines as artists bring beauty and character to custom jewelry One shapes silver and brass. Another relishes the richness of high-karat gold. And a third creates titanium-electrifying colors. But for all their differences,

The Palomino House

Tennessee and California connect to create a dream home with a mid-century modern feel It was 2013 when award-winning California architect Robert Nebolon placed one of his mid-century home designs on The plans lived

The Jury

“The right to trial by jury shall remain inviolate.”- Tennessee Constitution In the 16th century, Shakespeare found that a trial within his plays added drama to his story lines. The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, and A Winter’s Tale, the

Old City Eats

Historic downtown character enhances a flavorful Knoxville experience Knoxville’s historic Old City has become a walkable foodie tour, where cultures and cuisines collide to bring a variety of tastes sure to please all palates. I’ve

The Living Labatory

The University of Tennessee Gardens provides knowledge, growth, and serenity for all who enter It’s a Thursday morning in April in Knoxville and inside the University of Tennessee Gardens, volunteers, interns, professors, and gardens

So Sue Me

How savvy people, just like you, use trusts to safeguard assets against potential lawsuits & creditors If you’re like most people, you’ve probably not given much thought to concepts like estate planning, establishing trusts, or