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Old City Eats

Historic downtown character enhances a flavorful Knoxville experience Knoxville’s historic Old City has become a walkable foodie tour, where cultures and cuisines collide to bring a variety of tastes sure to please all palates. I’ve

Burger Battle

Testing out some local takes on an American classic Burgers are my second favorite food ever. (Watch this space for a future food battle to find out my favorite). Few things are more American than the classic hamburger. Add cheese,

Delicious New Eats

Recent restaurant openings offer everything from whiskey to fried Oreos One wouldn’t think the past year was the ideal time to open a new restaurant, but that didn’t keep these six new enterprises from opening around town. With varied

Livin’ Lean

Looking for lighter fare at local restaurants? Look no further It’s January, and if 2020 had the impact on your waistline that it did on lots of others’, you may be ready to climb on the resolutions bandwagon with the rest of us. But

Comfort Classics

When the Porsche is next to the painter's van and the Mercedes pulls up beside the motorcycle in the parking lot, you know you've picked a great place to eat. It's common to see suits sitting near coveralls at Knoxville's favorite small

East Meets Knox

The South has a glorious culinary tradition. Growing up, there were never too many days that went by without cornbread, black-eyed peas, or something else distinctly regional. While it’s hard to beat mom’s home cooking, Knoxville is lucky