Cook Brothers Construction

Building or remodeling a home can be an overwhelming process. It requires an incredible amount of detail, skill—not to mention communication—to make a homeowner’s ideal home come to fruition. With the right company, however, that process can be less daunting—and, a joyful journey.

At Cook Bros. Construction, homeowners from every walk of life have the opportunity to have the home they’ve always envisioned. The company builds homes within all price ranges, and the homes can be as customized or simplistic as a client desires. Projects not only include homes for sale in the best local areas and custom homes for specific clients, but room remodels, additions, and outdoor living spaces. The more complex a project, the more likely Cook Bros. is to get a call.

While the company works on homes and remodels in every stage, many families are looking to downsize their homes while at the same time wanting the amenities and upgrades as they would have in a larger home. They, in a sense, expect a bigger home in a smaller package. Cook Bros. has taken on this market trend as a challenge, focusing on building homes that are primarily single level and accessible, making use of every ounce of space available.

Prior to opening their business, during their first few years in Knoxville, brothers John and Ralph Cook absorbed the ins and outs of the state of the construction industry in the region, learning from the trials and triumphs of area business owners. They rehabbed and remodeled properties on the side, and in 2004 decided that building custom homes would be their next step.

Over the course of the next decade, Cook Bros. has grown into a successful and well-respected business in the East Tennessee community, priding itself on its commitment to understanding every aspect of custom home creation. The owners are proficient in each line of work that they ask their contractors to do, with the understanding that it can be difficult to turn out a quality product without knowing what a quality product is. Each layer of a Cook Bros. home is built with care, meaning the work done behind the sheetrock is as well-planned and executed as the parts of a home visible to the homeowner. The company works with contractors to be sure every party involved understands the expectations that come with building a Cook Bros. home. Each home is built as if it were the home of one of the Cook brothers themselves, and the two feel strongly that the standard doesn’t change.

The success of the company comes from the structure and procedures they have in place to make each project run as smoothly as possible. Meetings between the sales team, project manager, and designers happen regularly, and a significant amount of research is done at the start of each project to properly specify materials to be used and the fixed total project cost for the client. Designers on staff make sure home design falls within customer desires, and the lines of communication are open throughout the entire process to eliminate the possibility of a misunderstanding. Clients rest easy knowing exactly what their allowances are and what is included so they have cost certainty when making final selections. There are never smoke and mirrors.

As the company jumps in to the new year, they are proud to expand their line of proprietary plans so that clients can choose and easily modify floor plans to their liking. The company has additionally opened a 800+ square foot selection facility where clients can choose aspects such as flooring, millwork, brick, shingles, and siding, among many other elements, all from one location.

Cook Bros. Construction is proud to give back to their community through their partnership with Rebuilding Together Knoxville. Together, with their team of staff, suppliers, and subcontractors, they have helped deserving families with home additions and repairs. It’s a testament to their culture that they have people willing to step outside their everyday routine, put their work duties on a back burner, and roll up their sleeves to give the community a hand.

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