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Keeping Knoxville’s Businesses Clean

While cleanliness has long been valued in American workplaces, those who provide cleaning services have often stayed behind the scenes. Recent global challenges have magnified the importance of ensuring hygienic work environments, placing a spotlight on companies that make that happen.

Take Duncan and Sons’. The Knoxville business founded in 1989 focused on customized janitorial services was already growing as it marked 30 years in 2019, but a societal shift brought about by COVID-19 has placed its expertise and services in even higher demand.

“Clean offices make happier and healthier employees,” says Luke Duncan, vice president, who credits the company’s team with rising to the occasion.

“We are most proud of our people,” he says. “As a company, we have met the challenges of the pandemic with resilience, dedication, and a caring heart toward each other and our clients. Our continuity has been tested, but we are thankful that we’ve been able to operate and deliver our services without interruption.”

Like other businesses, the demand for Duncan and Sons’ services has made keeping pace with staffing a tall order. Those who join the team are met with high standards and a deep appreciation for the important work they do.

General manager Sheri Henegar says, “Duncan and Sons’ is a great place to work, with a healthy culture and good benefits. Our managers are passionate about the services we provide and the people who make that possible. Those valued team members help us to grow and serve more people in and around Knoxville. We are incredibly grateful to our staff and clients for voting us Cityview’s Best of the Best in the janitorial category for the fourth consecutive year.”

Gary, Luke, and Reuben Duncan all place customer satisfaction and employee retention and happiness at the top of their list. 

Duncan and Sons’ growth has resulted in part from businesses seeking disinfecting services. Their certified system includes electrostatic spraying, which provides an “added level of protection” that has been “instrumental in helping clients through the pandemic.”

For many newer clients, disinfecting has opened the door to additional business. “Janitorial has always been and remains our focus, and we’re still excited about providing those quality services at reasonable prices,” company founder Gary Duncan says. “We care about the details, and we enjoy the process of enhancing the workspace for our clients.”

Even as some industries have adopted work-from-home or hybrid models, the need for cleaning services has continued to expand as the Knoxville area continues to grow.

“A lot of companies have sent people to work from home, but many still have a core team of employees coming into the office,” Henegar said. “In addition to those, we have educational facilities, medical suites, churches, and manufacturing sites that require clean, disinfected spaces every day.”

Regardless of how trends affect where work gets done, Duncan and Sons’ aims to continue taking care of its clients and its team members. “Our success is intertwined with the success of our clients,” says Gary Duncan, “and it is our desire to keep going above and beyond their expectations. Being able to do that with honor and consistency is the bedrock of our company mission.”    

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