Ask the Expert: Dwight & Sara Price


RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE: Matching people to properties. Is it work if you enjoy it?


The Dwight Price Group provides East Tennessee with the full real estate experience, offering a full complement of services including home buying, property sales, relocation services, staging services, new construction expertise, and much more. Having worked in the Foothills Area for more than 25 years, Dwight and his team of experienced professionals know the local real estate market well and are ready to lend their expertise to any client. Which is how, last year, his firm sold more than $70 million in real estate.

What should you look for in a Realtor?

My daughter Sara and I are partners in The Dwight Price Group; we started the company together in 2019. Sara has played a role in this business since she was a child and became licensed when she turned 18. She has now worked as a licensed agent for 15 years. My son Seth, too, is a licensed Realtor. Sara and I work together to bring the best service to clients. We’re truly a family business and for this reason, have a real connection to the families we work with. We are constantly thinking about our work, about how to match a seller and a buyer, and create something that works for everyone. 

Are there other qualities to look out for?

While so many of us Realtors have diverse backgrounds that we bring to each engagement—ranging from retail sales and marketing to client service and advertising—the focus should be on building relationships, not transactions. At our firm, we’re interested in long-lasting relationships, and it’s why our success comes largely from referrals and the fact that the people we work with come back to us time and again for their first home, second home, and investment property. I’ve seen this many, many times in my 26 years in this business.

to you, what is the true role of a realtor?

I taught for 19 years before I made the move to real estate and thoroughly enjoyed those years teaching. I’m sure that my love of teaching has been a major influence on the way I work today.  Whether it’s with younger agents, or clients, much of what I do is still very much like teaching. There are so many of these teaching moments in the work a Realtor does: how to stage a house, work on a credit score, find the right home, and work through the offer process, to name just a few. I feel like I’ve gone from small public-school classroom to all of East Tennessee and that’s probably why I love this so much.

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