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Time to Get Back [massage] to Basics

Nicole Cook and her husband, Patrick have chosen, with their newly opened Elements Massage™, to recreate the lost art of massage therapy. “Lost?” you might ask. “How can that be? I just got a massage last week.” That may very well be the case, but the fact is, there truly is an ancient art to massage therapy, one that Nicole sees as having slipped away over time.

The history of massage therapy dates back to 3000 BCE India, where it was considered a sacred system of natural healing. Used by Hindus in “life health” medicine, massage therapy was a practice passed from generations to generation to heal injuries, relieve pain, and to both prevent and cure a variety of illnesses. It is this system of natural healing that the Cooks are looking to restore with Elements Massage. 

For Nicole, this is “a real challenge.” For years, the Cooks served as Co-Directors of the Tennessee School of Beauty’s Aesthetics Education program, and both have been in the industry for two decades. 

“Over the years,” says Nicole, “we’ve seen what I would call a trend that has been moving massage therapy away from its roots, that is, its truly therapeutic benefits. We want to really get back to what massage therapy is all about, and that’s much more than just a spa atmosphere, which we can certainly provide.

“It’s about the therapeutic benefits. In order to do this, we take a different approach to just about everything, from the way we schedule appointments to the credentials of our therapists.”

That different approach is “the Elements Way,” as she calls it, and is designed “to deliver a personalized experience in every aspect of your massage,” and that experience begins when an appointment is scheduled. 

Rather than a receptionist giving you the first available appointment, you’ll be asked to provide information to their team regarding what you need, what you expect, on what areas you would like to focus, and why. Is your pain the result of an accident? Is it chronic? In this way, you can be matched with a therapist whose skill set will deliver the therapy you need. And this is a critical difference, too: skilled therapists. 

With two decades in the profession, Nicole understands what it takes to train and retain “the best in the business.” As Richard Branson once said, “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers,” and Nicole’s experience has taught her that this old adage is absolutely true. 

“This is yet another reason why we can offer the kind of massage therapy that sets us apart. We take great pride in the professionalism and skills of our therapists.”

Of course, every individual’s needs are unique, and as Nicole says, “a massage should be as unique as the individual.” That’s why they worked so hard to curate experiences that make sense for their clients. “We match our clients with a therapist who is best trained to custom tailor that client’s session.” That customization may require not just one type of technique, but a combination of massage techniques including Myofascial, Cupping, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Sports, Trigger Point, Stretch, and Prenatal.

Visit with Nicole and her team at Elements Massage™ and you’ll rediscover the true art of message therapy, and, that there is truly no better experience in the industry.    

Elements Massage
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