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Garza Law Firm's 2022 Cityview Top Attorney Winning Categories
Consumer Protection - Plaintiff
Criminal Defense
DUI Defense
Employee Benefits/ERISA - Plaintiff
Family Law/Divorce/Child Support
Federal Court Practice
Health Care Law
Juvenile Defense
Nursing Home Liability - Plaintiff
Personal Injury - Auto Accidents - Plaintiff
Personal Injury - General - Plaintiff
Personal Injury - Motorcycle Accident - Plaintiff
Product Liability - Plaintiff
Securities - Plaintiff
Social Security Disability Law
Workers’ Compensation - Plaintiff
Wrongful Death - Plaintiff

A Compassionate Approach

The need for more compassion and empathy in the world seems to be at the forefront of many minds these days. It is arguably one of the most important ways we can support our communities, both at times of unrest and times of joy. And one of the people looking to heed that call is right here in East Tennessee at the Garza Law Firm. 

“I once heard that if you want to try to be a good lawyer, try to be a good human first,” says Marcos Garza, the firm’s founder. “And I think when it comes to practicing law, if you can really aspire to be a good human being, the rest of it kind of takes care of itself.”

This philosophy has driven Garza throughout his career. He opened his firm in 2008, approaching cases from the beginning as if each client were his neighbor, striving to serve clients in a unique, rewarding, and impactful way. 

Garza’s practice is rooted in social work. In fact, he has a master’s degree in the field from the University of Tennessee. He later earned his law degree from the UT College of Law. To Garza, social work was the best foundation he could imagine to practice law. 

“I would have never really thought how connected those two things were,” he says. “As a social worker, it became more and more obvious to me that if you want to influence change in people’s lives—or policy at the larger level—one of the best toolkits to have is a law degree.”

Today, the Garza Law Firm boasts a staff of 48, which includes 11 attorneys that focus on DUI and criminal defense, personal injury and social security disability cases, among other fields of law. And each of the firm’s professionals was selected for a reason: they are hard-working individuals with proven track records of success in the courtroom who approach their work with, what Garza calls, “a servant’s heart.” They each bring to the table their own unique skillset that builds up the firm’s already well-rounded toolkit. 

“Not every lawyer, not every employee fits into this culture of how we work,” Garza says. “We treat people like family members first. We’re going to be compassionate and empathetic, not just well-versed in the law.”

As he closes each case, Garza never forgets. Even years after working on a case, he remembers the neighbors he serves. He remembers how their verdicts impacted them. He recalls their challenges, but keeps their strengths at the forefront, seeking always to find a way to move the dial forward for them, whenever he is presented with the chance. 

“It’s a reestablishment of the fact that what you do, in trying to help folks, does matter over time, particularly if you’re real in caring about it,” Garza says. “If you’re an empath, everything matters, and everything’s important. And while sometimes it can come at a cost to your personal battery, it recharges you as a human being and it gives you purpose.”

With Garza at the helm, the Garza Law Firm is always ready for their next clients. And with a sincere desire to serve, they are ready to put their purpose to work to build creative and courageous solutions for their neighbors.    

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