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Nothing affects the way a home or office feels more than a great climate control system. Not only does it ensure comfort but choosing the right one can mean much lower utility costs and maintenance expense. Choosing the right system requires experience, and that makes choosing the right company even more important.

When you spend 25 years with a singular focus you become an expert, and that is exactly what Shane Gent is, an expert on all things that affect indoor air quality. Growing up in rural East Tennessee, Shane wanted a career that would allow him to serve people and be outdoors so climate control was the perfect fit.

Shane and his wife Ralynne have built Gent Heating and Cooling based on doing exactly what they promise. They pride themselves on having a truly superior level of customer service. And when one of their crews shows up, it is all business, with most installations taking less than a day. They operate four crews, and each of the team leaders have worked for Gent for an average of 14 years. This level of experience ensures you will get a top-quality installation.

Unlike many smaller HVAC contractors, Gent orders most of their products and supplies direct from the manufacturer. Equipment comes direct from Trane, and most other materials he sources straight from the factory. By ordering things like tape a pallet at a time, they get savings that they can pass along to the customers.

All new Trane equipment comes with a 10-year warranty when properly registered. Ralynne does that the day of install, and they offer an add-on labor warranty option for $500 that mirrors the equipment warranty and covers the full 10-year period. So no matter what goes wrong it’s covered, except of course for things like lightning or acts of nature. They also offer a low-cost monthly service option that covers annual inspections.

Trane offers a super high-efficiency 17 seer two-stage heat pump. This technology enables the unit to run on the lower setting longer so it dehumidifies better and at a much lower cost. Tennessee can be miserably humid in the summer so this feature offers a superior level of comfort over traditional single speed units. When the temps soar the higher speed kicks in and easily takes care of the need. 

Gent also offers the Bosch Geothermal Heat Pump product line for the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. 

Gent offers much more than HVAC installs. They are regional leaders in IAQ (indoor air quality) and automation. They have state-of-the-art duct-cleaning equipment and a pleated filtration system that only has to be changed once per year. One of the newest items is the I-wave-R needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator that treats air in residential duct systems, actively killing mold, bacteria and viruses in both the unit’s coils and the living space.

If you are interested in home automation, Gent can install the Honeywell pro 8000 and pro 9000 home automation thermostats so the entire system can be remotely controlled.

Whatever your climate control needs may be, Gent is always comfort promised and comfort delivered.    


5635 Maloneyville Rd.
Corryton, TN 37721

Monday–Friday 7:30am–5:30pm

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