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Jeff Grebe

A Knoxville resident since 1982, Jeff is one of those individuals who has a passion for learning and an even greater passion for sharing that learning. And that comes into play in a big way in his work as a Weichert Realtors – Advantage Plus’ Broker/Owner. His story begins nearly thirty years ago, when he received his real estate license.  After representing such well-respected firms as Century 21 and Re/Max, he received his broker’s license and opened his own Knoxville-based agency, The Buyer’s Agent, in 1997. His brother Mike and his father Les decided to join him and they, too, got their real estate licenses.  In 2003, his agency became Advantage Real Estate and later that year his firm joined with Weichert Realtors as the first franchise in Tennessee: Weichert, Realtors – Advantage. In order to keep up with growth, in 2008 his agency merged with other Weichert offices in the area and became Weichert Realtors – Advantage Plus, home to nearly 80 agents.

You’d rather not talk about recognition, but it’s important, right?

I do feel that to be recognized by my peers is a great honor and I’ve been fortunate enough to have earned their respect over the years. Recognition also shows that you’re working hard, committed, and do your job well; important things to consider when you’re making one of life’s most important investments. Since 2008 we have perennially been one of the top Weichert offices and have been named to the prestigious Premier Client Group—which represents the top 30 companies in the franchise system—every year since 2015.  In 2016, I was nominated as President Elect of the Knoxville Area (KAAR) and served as president in 2017. While president, I established Leadership KAAR, a program designed to develop new leaders within the Realtor community, and in 2019, I was named KAAR Realtor of the Year.

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What’s going on the Knoxville market these days?

As anyone who lives here knows, Knoxville is a great place to live. For a long time, we enjoyed a kind of “best kept secret” status, if you will. With plentiful jobs, great climate, the influence of the university on our culture, the mountains, easy access to just about anywhere through our highways system, no state income tax and more, we’ve always enjoyed a nice lifestyle and with it, a stable real estate market. Well, that secret has gotten out and now—like most of America—we’re seeing an influx of home buyers from across the country. As a result, we’re one of the top markets in the nation in terms of appreciation at 22%, which is pretty unheard of for us. For the longest time we’ve seen annual appreciation of 3-5%.  Last month in Knox County, we had 900 single family home sales over $100,000. And 80% of them were list price and above with 20% of those sales above list price to a high of one sale that was 40% over list! And while some folks think that there’s no inventory, that’s not entirely accurate. Believe it or not, we’ve seen more listings than last year, but they’re going to contract much more quickly.

2021 Cityview Magazine, Inc.

Any tips for potential buyers and sellers?

Real estate is an increasingly complex business. I meet with my agents weekly in order for us to share ideas, stay current, and discuss best ways to move forward and serve clients. We definitely have a culture of teamwork here and the network of Weichert brokers really helps in this regard. There’s no better way take care of clients than to take care of each other first.  I’m a big proponent of learning and sharing. Twice each week I post “educational” sessions on our FaceBook page. On Mondays I do my “Monday Market Moment” and on Thursdays I do “Thursday Thoughts.”  In both sessions I share the latest news in our industry and market, as well as learning I glean from our weekly agent meetings as well as research and conversations with experts in related fields such as banking and home building. Lastly, for anyone who might be interested in joining our team, we offer Career Sessions weekly at

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