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MODERN WOMEN’S FASHION: A tradition of outstanding customer service and timeless clothing

KC’S Fashions

Kim Smith, along with her daughter Courtney Sanford, is the new owner of KC’s Fashions in West Knoxville, formerly known as Janice Ann’s. Kim recalls the pleasure she took in shopping at Janice Ann’s and the attention the staff paid to guests. When the previous owner decided to sell, she knew it was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up. “I strive to give the community a space to shop with friends and receive one-on-one attention. We provide outstanding customer service, styling from top to bottom, and luxurious, timeless clothing that can only be found at KC’s Fashions.” 

How was the business during the pandemic, and how is the recovery going?

We started offering private shopping hours and curbside pick-up. We also added more casual wear and options that fit the work-from-home lifestyle. Now things are going back to normal, and we are seeing an increased demand for businesswear as well as outfits to wear to showers, weddings and family gatherings. Although COVID came with many challenges, there are some key takeaways that we felt were important to maintain— we decided to keep offering private shopping experiences and phone call orders to create a multitude of shopping experiences catering to each individual’s needs. 

Looking towards fall, what trends are you seeing that women will want to know about?

Fashion for the fall is leaning towards warmth, function, and unfussy ease. The fashion industry is making adjustments to look like the crazy times we’re living in. Most anything goes. A new Roaring 20’s look is coming with silk, satins, lace and sequins. Nightie-inspired dresses, puffer coats, roomy jeans, and midi length skirts will be here for fall. There will be a mixing of colors that may seem quite crazy but the look in the end is divine. So be prepared to feel great in your own style this fall.

Besides a little black dress, what are three “must have” items in a woman’s wardrobe?

The first is a statement piece with elegant touches, be it a delicate five-layer necklace or a buckle belt.The second is a monochromatic look, which makes a statement for any occasion (and is a coming fashion trend). And the third is a Cashmere scarf, a must-have from our team. This simple, elegant throw gives the perfect balance of comfort and high fashion in Tennessee’s up-down-all-around weather.

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