Minimizing Date Breach Risks with KelShred

Kelsan, one of the leading distributors of janitorial and sanitary supply products in the Southeast, is proud to introduce the newest solution for Knoxville businesses looking to protect the privacy and data of their company and customers, KelShred.

Kelsan was founded in 1950 by Till Keller and has been proudly working with Knoxville businesses for almost 70 years. KelShred is an exciting addition to the services and products Kelsan already offers. “Everything we do is to serve our customers to the best of our ability,” says Ken Bodie, President of Kelsan. “So when our customers asked us if we could provide shredding services, we got right to work.” Today, KelShred offers shredding services that meet many types of needs by offering one-time document purges, recurring shredding services and hard drive destruction, all performed on-site.

The one-time purge jobs are the perfect solution for securely disposing of sensitive files and documents that oftentimes stack up for years. The KelShred team travels to your business to perform the shredding, minimizing the risk of data loss or theft that could occur during off-site shredding. You can watch first-hand as your documents are securely destroyed in one of KelShred’s state of the art shredding trucks, putting your mind at ease.

For companies requiring ongoing shredding services, KelShred has customized options with a variety of secure bins and the ability to operate on your schedule. This is a cost-effective option that requires no purchase or maintenance of shredding machines or use of employee time. 

In addition to shredding, KelShred offers hard drive destruction services. Destroying digital data is an important step in the fight against data breaches. Simply deleting files or even completely formatting an old hard drive is not enough, many tools exist today that can easily bring back information you might think has been deleted. KelShred has the resources to completely destroy hard drives and ensure that their digital information can no longer be accessed.

The costs of a data breach can be staggering. Between legal fees, indirect costs such as loss of reputation, diminished goodwill and the time and effort spent building trust with new clients, it can leave a negative impact on your business for years to come. Many laws also exist today to protect customers from having their information distributed. These laws, including HIPAA and FACTA, require that companies dispose of information in a compliant manner. This can impose a burden on companies that do not have the time or resources necessary to properly destroy documents or computer hard drives on their own. KelShred maintains the highest standards in compliance in order to ensure that companies and their clients are protected from data breaches while staying within the guidelines of privacy laws.

KelShred is also committed to ensuring the highest standards of environmental responsibility by recycling all shredded materials. “Kelsan was one of the first janitorial distribution companies to segregate our product offerings to show our customers which products were ‘green’ and good for the environment,” Bodie says. “We are taking that same approach with KelShred. All of our shredded and destroyed material will be recycled.” 

Ensuring that your business is properly and securely disposing of private information is more important than ever. Contact KelShred for a free, no obligation quote.   

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