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“A culture of commitment…to our clients, each other, and our profession.” For Kathy D. Aslinger, Managing Shareholder of Kennerly Montgomery, this is one of her firm’s defining characteristics and one of the reasons why the firm is so highly regarded. Over the last 100 years, Kennerly Montgomery has earned a reputation for expertise in a wide variety of professional services offered to a broad range of individual, corporate, and government clients.

The attorneys at Kennerly Montgomery are firm believers in sharing skills and experience. That is why they share their knowledge not only with one another, but also with their fellow Knoxville area attorneys and the community’s professional groups. “We’re proud to be part of what we see as a very strong legal community here in Knoxville,” says Aslinger, “and feel that, in addition to sharing, we should always be open to learning as well.”

It’s a belief that runs deep in the Kennerly Montgomery culture. While the firm is fairly well-represented by attorneys with years of experience, “not everyone has been practicing for decades,” says Michael S. Kelley, who’s been with the firm for 13 years and practicing for over 30 years. “We’re always looking to learn from each other…It’s not uncommon for one attorney to seek advice from another who may very well work in an entirely different practice area…just to get a different point of view.”

How is this kind of culture possible in an organization of individuals who are so different in terms of age,  professional experience, and background?  Is it that commitment to each other and their profession? “I think the explanation is simple,” says Kelley.  “We genuinely like each other. And we’re all dedicated to expanding our knowledge of the law in order to better serve our clients.”Based on the firm’s 100 plus years of serving the Knoxville community, it’s a culture that works, for both the firm and its clients.

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