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Building a Network of Churches on purpose

“The world ahead of us looks nothing like the world behind us.” This saying is certainly true when we consider the changes in our society over the past years and even decades. In many cases, a change can be a great thing; advances in technology and medicine to name a couple. However, some changes in our current culture seem to be separating us, rather than bringing us closer together. Knox County Association of Baptists (KCAB) believes it is time to address the “world that is in front of us” in a manner that unites us around a common purpose.

“We want to create a network of churches that are focused more on becoming a movement of God’s people than on building monuments to be admired,” says Director of Missions, Phil Young. “Our goal is to live out the grace and love of Jesus Christ among the people of Knox County. This requires us to get out beyond the walls of our church buildings in order to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of people right here in our own communities.”

What does that look like in our community? Churches within the Knox County Association of Baptists Network live “on purpose” every day through a variety of ministries. “We live it out through food and clothing ministries to those in need, after school programs for children, and mentoring at-risk youth” states Young. “For many families in this area, medical care is out of reach. We partner together to provide medical and dental care to those across our city with limited access.” Disaster Relief teams from churches within the network respond to disasters across Knox County and meet people at their point of need in times of crisis. During last year’s biggest flood, they assisted over 400 flood victims right here in our own community. Camps and retreats are conducted year-round for children and young adults to nurture a faith foundation within the next generation of leaders; and churches are involved on a daily basis to meet the physical and spiritual needs of internationals who have found their home right here in Knox County.

The Knox County Association of Baptists purpose is not to build an organization that attracts new members. “We really want people to understand that we’re not an institution or an organization that seeks out people to support our activities,” says Director of Missions, Phil Young. “We are a network of churches living out His mission to bring people into a relationship with Christ and one another.”

As a changing culture threatens to divide us, uniting God’s people around His purpose is the best approach for an uncertain future. It is true that the world ahead of us looks nothing like the world behind us. That is why it is time for the church to know His mission, be His church, and live it out . . . and that is why Knox County Association of Baptists is focused on building a network of churches who are living life on purpose!

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