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Certified Arborist Charles Batey Likes People Who Like Their Trees

Like all living creatures, trees sometimes need care and attention to stay strong and healthy. Charles Batey, owner and certified arborist of Knox Tree Care can provide proper pruning, structural support, or timely application of critical nutrients to ensure a long and healthy tree life.

“Our value lies in a subtle eye, attention to detail, an honest, knowledgeable assessment of how trees grow, and a close working relationship with clients,” says Batey. When you call for a consultation, he’s the one who answers the phone, and consults with you at your convenience.  On your service date, he does the climbing and trimming. And, when the job is done, Batey is the one who follows up with you to ensure that your expectations were not just met, but exceeded. “Too many service businesses move clients from person to person with important details getting lost in the handoffs,” he says. “I find that a single point of contact model not only makes my clients more comfortable with process, but also leads to the best possible outcome.”

Helping trees thrive matters to the man who grew up in the woods near Cherokee Lake with a passion for The Great Outdoors. That passion was nurtured early on by his experience at the National Outdoor Leadership School in Patagonia, where he also honed his technical climbing skills. After receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies, Batey worked for the National Park Service surveying plant communities. It was then that he knew he wanted to work in the tree care industry.

Today, he’s back to living in the woods in East Tennessee, running the company he started in 2018. With the demeanor of a Southern gentleman and the heart of a tree hugger, Batey’s goal is to assure his customers that he cares about their trees. After all, it’s in his company’s name.    

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