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Delivering Tomorrow’s Insights Today

When it’s time to choose a financial advisory firm, you need one that puts the success of your business and family first. You need a firm to guide you from one horizon to the next. That’s where Lawhorn CPA Group comes in.

“Accounting is the language of business,” says Jason Lawhorn, CEO of Lawhorn CPA Group. “Our ability to translate and to teach businesses and individuals how to interpret what that means for them is beyond rewarding.”

Building on the work started in 1979 by Lawhorn’s father and current partner, Jeff, the team at Lawhorn CPA Group works daily to provide all the necessary financial tools for an individual or business looking to positively move forward, such as tax preparation for businesses, individuals, estates, trusts and nonprofits, even financial reporting and other general accounting services. And they believe there are unique and innovative ways to facilitate that work and help build success for their clients.

“We truly work for our clients and find creative ways to meet their needs and accomplish their goals,” Lawhorn says. The group offers foundational services such as their Virtual Financial Office, a complete back office bookkeeping and accounting outsource to businesses of all sizes. They focus on cloud-based accounting platforms, allowing the team to be proactive in the services they provide. “We focus on real-time processing so you know your financial results wherever you are in the month, instead of waiting on historical reports,” Lawhorn says.

“It is that forward looking mindset that has been very purposeful with a clear intention of using/employing technology to provide higher value for small business clients.  Even though cloud-based platforms seem rather recent, the Lawhorn Group’s entire software suite was integrated into the cloud over 15 years ago,” says Michael Levesque, the Director of Business Strategy and Development. “The idea is to derive tomorrow’s insights, today; this can be very empowering concept for business leaders.”

The services offered are even more robust: data services that allow small businesses to visualize financial and operational results, compliance planning for things like taxes, and strategic planning for businesses looking to take their operations to the next level. It is all a part of their 360-degree approach to financial advising. And alongside all of that is a transparent view of the cost for their clients.

“We build all of our engagements up front so the client is in control of the service we provide and how much they will pay,” Lawhorn says. “We build a service guide package for each client that is unique to their needs. It is the ultimate in transparency for accounting fees.”

“It lets business owners run their businesses all the while knowing that they have the resources and expertise of a CPA firm when they need it.  Lawhorn believes in more communication with clients, not discouraging it,” Levesque says.

Soon businesses will find Lawhorn CPA Group as a one-stop shop for all of their needs, with services such as marketing, nonprofit consultation, credit card processing, audits and so much more. “A majority of what a business or individual or nonprofit needs, they will be able to get under our roof and across all of our locations,” Lawhorn says. “We’re here to provide you with customized and strategic solutions that will help you reach your goals.” 

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