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Bringing Bright Smiles to Downtown Knoxville

Photography by Nicole Maestri

Marble City Dentistry’s new downtown practice is all about helping patients look and feel their best. Opened in January by Dr. William Pippin, the practice offers complete dental care as well as facial esthetics.

“Our mission is to help you feel good about yourself with regards to health, comfort, and esthetics,” Dr. Pippin said. “I emphasize esthetics because if you think you look good, you’re going to feel better about yourself. Some people are reticent about it because they don’t want someone to think they’ve had something done. My message to them is that a very subtle enhancement makes a difference. Your friends or family may comment that you’re looking great or more relaxed, but they won’t know why unless you tell them. If you look more relaxed and less stressed, chances are you’re going to feel the same.

“A subtle enhancement might involve teeth whitening, adding shape to the lips and reduction of facial wrinkles. Someone might want a complete makeover, including porcelain veneers on the teeth, cheek fillers, lip enhancement, and skin tightening procedures. But I want to be clear that our staple will always be general oral and dental healthcare, including teeth cleaning. Oral health care is essential health care.”

Dr. Pippin has maintained a practice in Sevier County since 1984 and for the last seven years enjoyed spending weekends in downtown Knoxville at a condo he and his wife Laura purchased. Three years ago they made the move to Knoxville permanent, and it wasn’t long before Laura raised the idea of opening a downtown dental practice.

“Deciding to start a new dental practice from scratch during the pandemic was cause for trepidation,” he said. “Around the time I signed the lease, downtown felt like a ghost town. Now that people are returning to downtown this spring, we feel a renewed sense of optimism for 2021 and beyond. While the pandemic appears to be waning, we continue to implement enhanced precautions including a bipolar ionization air purifying system. All staff have been fully immunized against COVID-19.”

Dr. Pippin recognizes that a significant population avoids dental care due to fear of pain or embarrassment about the condition of their teeth. “The first step in allaying fear is to be a good listener,” he said. “Many patients feel more comfortable knowing that we understand their anxiety, and that we will make every effort to ensure their comfort. Moreover, it is not our role to judge people regarding their current condition, but to empower them to move forward.”

The practice offers various levels of sedation, including nitrous oxide gas and IV sedation. They provide many services in house, including implant surgery and crown installation, which they generally can complete in a single visit utilizing CEREC CAD/CAM technology. They can bundle multiple procedures in a single appointment, such as having Botox along with a teeth cleaning. They accept most dental insurance and offer affordable third-party financing.

Studies have proven that poor oral health increases the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, stroke and complications from diabetes. It also increases the risks of having preterm and low birth weight babies. Marble City Dentistry can help you stay healthy and looking your very best.   

800 South Gay Street
Suite P325
(865) 888-8999

Monday–Thursday 8am–5pm

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