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Marketing and advertising were not always the plan for Knoxville native Greg Adkins. “I was a music pastor at several area churches for almost 20 years,” he says. “I learned a fair amount about video production and website design in the course of that work and decided I was ready for a career change.”

Over the course of the next few years, Adkins learned the ins and outs of the advertising industry in Knoxville eventually realizing there weren’t options for companies to have the work done in an efficient way. So he formed New Frame Creative to bring exceptional and streamlined marketing to the area’s businesses. “Our whole model is to just cut out the fluff,” he says.

Owner Greg Adkins

From custom website development and social media management to video production and graphic design, Adkins and his skilled team find ways to ensure client voices are heard. And they do so by meeting clients where they’re at. “We make things really easy to understand, and we really try to be super easy to work with.” It’s this down-to-earth relationship building that keeps clients coming back.

Part of what creates this successful atmosphere is that New Frame is made up of people who hail from a variety of industries, giving them a leg up when it comes to working with clients. “Almost everybody in our agency has spent time in professions other than marketing and that’s intentional,” Adkins says, “because that means our team knows how to relate to people and understand their needs.”

Aside from the fact it helps his team connect with their clients, it also helps them “get right to the point” in their advertising. They know what is necessary and unnecessary in their content creation. “If I build a website that is so complicated that every time our client needs to update it, they have to call me, that’s a bad outcome. I’ve failed them,” Adkins explains. “I’ve got to be able to build them not just something that looks good and communicates what they want to communicate, but also something that is manageable for them, where they can handle the upkeep themselves.”

New Frame Creative

While New Frame has helped companies like Weigel’s and Brazeiros Brazilian Steakhouse build out their brands and create standout material to serve up to the masses, Adkins says they find themselves in a unique position given that more than half of their active client base are nonprofit organizations. “A lot of agencies do a few nonprofit projects to give back, but we specialize in that,” he says. “We understand nonprofits very well and know the specific needs they have.”

They understand and believe in their calling so much so that last year, Adkins and his team formed the Framework Nonprofit Management Scholarship program, provided to a college student each year who is studying to go into nonprofit work. “We decided we wanted to try to impact that space and to give back by investing in the people who are wanting to go into nonprofit work,” he says.

New Frame Creative placed first in multiple Cityview Best of the Best categories this past winter including video production, website design, and social media management. “We’re a small team, but I’m proud of the content we create for our community,” Adkins says. “And I’m proud of the team that we’ve built here.”    

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