Northshore Nursery


A Horticulture Heaven

Landscaping in East Tennessee just became simpler. Northshore Nursery opened this year in the Knoxville area, providing every bit of landscaping and design expertise needed for residents beautifying their homes. Yet while the nursery is new, the experience of its staff is anything but.

With a B.S. degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape Design from the University of Tennessee, owner Mike Newman has spent the last three decades designing residential and commercial landscapes, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, paver patios, and more. And now, together with his wife Mandy, the two are determined to provide the most exceptional of customer experiences.

When new customers walk through the doors of Northshore Nursery, they are greeted with smiles and a sense of ease as Mandy and Mike walk them through all that the nursery has to offer. “We try to have really good quality plants at a good price,” Mike says. “And we have quite a few unique plants available for landscapers or homeowners.”

A wide selection of perennials, trees, shrubs, and annuals grace the nursery that sits on a 10-acre property. Twelve cold-frame hoop houses, an acre and a half of larger trees, large quantities of plant material on irrigation systems make up this new, yet seasoned business, with room for growth over the coming years.

The clients are as varied as the variety of plants they sell, as Northshore Nursery serves anyone from the first-time homeowner to the experienced landscaper. Everyone is treated the same and with a team of seven, and growing, the Newmans know that one-on-one service will always remain part of the foundation: “We’re a family-owned business, so you will get the attention you deserve.”

Family rests at the core of this business. It’s embedded in every one of their decisions to make the most of life and work. “We just feel like we have been blessed by all of these miracles in our life,” Mandy says, recounting the challenges the family has faced. Mike is a cancer survivor, and while they nearly lost their daughter last year, today they are grateful for the powerfully positive hands they were dealt and this new space that they get to share with the community.

“Owning a nursery and being surrounded by all of the nature daily is a reminder to us to appreciate every day and all the blessings God has showed us,” Mandy says. “Mike always says that one of his favorite things about the nursery is just walking it daily and seeing all the new things blooming and changing and growing. To me, that is parallel to life and representative of his career and our life.”

This team, this family, is everything and more. They make plant recommendations, deliver and install, and with the king of horticulture at the helm, more fervent than ever about life, customers always leave with a positive experience in their pockets and the fulfillment of their dream home spaces in their very near future.

“This nursery is a destination,” Mandy says. “You won’t find better service than this.”

For all of your nursery, landscaping and design needs, contact Mike or Mandy at Northshore Nursery.  

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