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The Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cells, as you may have read, are on the forefront of regenerative medicine. Luckily for patients seeking this option, affordable treatment plans are available in Knoxville. 

You’ve probably heard that an injection of stem cells may help your body make your joints feel younger, and may even help prevent a knee replacement.

“When you inject stem cells in an area, it’s really amazing the way they help your body go to work,” says Dr. J. Scott Brown, DC FADP, of Optimal Health PLLC. “If you have cartilage damage, stem cells can help your body regenerate cartilage. If you’ve got ligament damage, they can help the body to heal and regenerate ligament.”

Brown is a Renaissance man, always learning about the latest advances in medicine and natural healing. This integrative approach creates the optimum results for his patients. It’s this dedication that has earned his business top awards in Cityview’s annual “Best Of” competition in the Regenerative Medicine category.

“Our passion is helping people to have the best quality of life,” Brown says. “We believe that proper care not only changes our patients health, it changes their lives. My mom always said ‘When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you do good.’ As I follow her wise counsel and see the joy come back into my patients lives it makes this work really rewarding.” 

Brown is excited to announce that due to the growth of his practice, Optimal Health Medical is opening a new location in Turkey Creek. The office, located on Parkside Drive in the Publix shopping center, is spacious and will allow them to treat more clients in a modern, aesthetic setting. 

This location will offer a full line of regenerative and aesthetic services, including Stem Cells, PRP, Medical Weight Loss, UltraSlim, Hormone Replacement Therapy, IV Therapy, GainsWave for ED, Hair Restoration and Facial Aesthetics.
The convenience of having all of these services in one location will make the patient’s experience easier and more pleasant.  Being located in the heart of one of Knoxville’s best shopping areas simply makes sense for our customers.

The team at Optimal Health is especially enthusiastic about the complete regimen of regenerative medicine and stem cell programs due to the level of success their patients are experiencing. 

“A lot of times people are told, ‘Your knees are bone on bone and there is no longer any cartilage remaining,’” he says. “Or, ‘there’s nothing we can do about it. You’ll have to wait and have surgery.’ That’s what I like about stem cells. It gives you another option that’s regenerative in nature. It’s an option that’s helping you get your life back without the trauma of surgery. 

“Being voted the best by Cityview readers makes me feel great and also humbled. It’s fantastic to feel that we are accomplishing our goals. You make so many friends with your patients along the way. It’s humbling, too, because we don’t heal anybody. God put the healing energy inside the body. We just help it to work. It feels good to be number one, but it’s not really me at all—it’s a God thing—and I am just blessed to be part of the process.”

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