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Owings, Wilson & Coleman has a long and celebrated history in Knoxville that began in 1982. “At that time, we were known as Robertson, Williams, Ingram, Faulkner & Overbey in recognition of our founding partners Claude K. Robertson, J. Edward Ingram, Norman H. Williams, Shannon D. Faulkner, III, and J. Douglas Overbey,” says John Owings, one of the firm’s partners. “Prior to our most recent transition in 2017, the firm bore the name Robertson Overbey.  Now, Owings, Wilson & Coleman has 10 attorneys with combined legal practice experience of nearly 250 years.”

When people think of Owings, Wilson and Coleman, I hope they think “now that’s a firm that cherishes values, and will never, ever waiver, falter, tire, or fail,” says Owings.  Above all else, Owings says, “We’re attorneys of spirit and character.  We have faith in God; we have love of family; and we genuinely care for the welfare of those we serve.” 

The firm provides a vast array of legal services that includes major civil litigation involving complex issues, serving as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel and underwriter’s counsel, medical malpractice defense, representing healthcare organizations, municipalities, and for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, and creating wills and trusts.  “Our clients include many of the most respected people, professionals, and businesses in their respective fields,” Owings says.

For nearly 40 years, Owings, Wilson and Coleman has been a firm committed to serving its clients with integrity and respect, meeting the challenges of today’s demanding public and private landscape. “There is little more satisfying than the fulfillment of a client’s goals and expectations,” Owings says. “It’s what drives us, and it’s what makes us work harder than anyone else every single day.”

Legal Services for Local Government  |  Municipal Finance Law  |  Legal Services for Business Organizations  |  Antitrust & Unfair Competition Law  |  Medical  Malpractice Defense  |  Legal Counsel for Healthcare Organizations  |  Elder Law  |  General Practice

900 S. Gay Street, Suite 800 |  Knoxville, TN 37902

(865) 522-2717  |  www.owclaw.com

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